Zone A Independent Project

St. Matthew's United Church, 729 St. Clair Ave. West

St. Matthew's United Church

The Temptations of St. Clair

John Shipman, curated by Janna Hiemstra

Multimedia Installation

“Ah! That was a strong temptation. But I escaped it!” – Gustave Flaubert.

Projected video, readings, sound and music create a tempting atmosphere exploring time and place. 1863 France and England, and Song Dynasty China are juxtaposed. St. Clair Avenue images and sounds mix with the words of Charles Baudelaire, Gustave Flaubert, Li Qingzhao, and Florence Nightingale. Three video projections rotate around a large barrel-vaulted space, images flow through semi-transparent screens that break and double their movement. Layered with multi-language narration and music, The Temptation of St. Clair is sure to entice. Contributing artists: Shannon Miller, Adrienne Coffey, May Ing Ruehle, Ben D’Cunha, Yann Vargoz, Stephanie Berard, Dianne Wells, Gu Zhenzhen, Mark Pellegrino, Dr. Paul E. Jessen, Jeremy Kai, Joy Shipman.

Suitable for all ages