Zone A Independent Project

Japan Foundation, 131 Bloor Street West, 2nd Floor of the Colonnade Building
416-966-1600 x229

Japan Foundation, Toronto

Flight over Landscapes

Akira Kurosaki, Kyoko Sakamoto, Wayne Crothers, Rebecca Salter, Keisuke Ohno, Miki Kuroki, Ralph Kiggell, Keizo Sato, Moya Bligh, Elizabeth Forrest, Hiroaki Matsu, Mamoru Oshii

Visual Art, Video Installation

Part I: One night only DVD screening. TOKYO SCANNER (20 minutes, 2003) Directed by Hiroaki Matsu, Supervised by Mamoru Oshii. A state of the art camera captures magnificent aerial views of Tokyo artfully superimposed with computer graphics.

Part II: Mokuhanga = japanese woodblock printmaking. A contemporary woodblock exhibition featuring 10 artists from Japan, England, Ireland, Australia, Thailand and Toronto. Visitors will see a remarkable leap from traditional to contemporary approaches reflecting a vital artform using the essential technology of wood, waterbased pigments and paper.

Suitable for all ages