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Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen's Park

Gardiner Museum

Z'otz* Collective at Mexican Days of the Dead: Food for Thought

Nahum Flores, Erik Jerezano, Ilyana Martinez

Sculpture, Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

Z'otz Collective members, Nahum Flores, Erik Jerezano and Ilyana Martinez will collaboratively work all night to create a drawing incorporating clay additions. Formed in 2004, the artists have explored issues of immigrant experience related to themes of mapping, travel, translation artifacts and urban life. Their art relates stories where hybrid beasts and wild characters inhabit odd and imaginary spaces.

"Mexican Days of the Dead: Food for Thought" an exhibition featuring outstanding ceramics, papier mache, wire sculptures and photographs referring to the cycle of life will be open from midnight until 7 am (capacity limited by installation). Artist Eugenio Eustaquio and his son Eduardo from the village of Huaquechula, state of Puebla, Mexico will be in attendance to talk about the large-scale ofrenda they have built for the exhibition.

Suitable for all ages