Zone A Independent Project

Village of Yorkville Park, Village of Yorkville Park


Laura Pacione

Installation, Performance Art

At NB Post, efficient chaos is our business. Step into the NB Post Office and select a completely unique postcard. Write a message, drop it in the mailbox and NB Post will do the rest!

Wearing the official NB Post uniform, postal workers will travel all over Zone A in search of recipients. The mail will arrive on time, all night long! NB Post prides itself on being an equal opportunity mail service; everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of letter mail!

To facilitate this equal-opportunity mandate, NB Post will pre-address all of its postcards for delivery to YOU in Zone A. Enthusiastic postal workers will proudly announce the arrival of the mail: “YOU Sir…yes, YOU! There’s mail here for YOU! Young lady, here’s your mail! Let me check the address… Oh yes, Zone A… It’s addressed to YOU.”

Suitable for all ages

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