Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Independent Project

Akira Hasegawa, Digital Hanging Scroll, 2010, Digital Kakejiku
Casa Loma Stables
328 Walmer Road
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World Wide Vision Productions

Silent Music

Akira Hasegawa - Komastu, Japan
Ivo Videnov - Toronto, Canada

Live Light Installation

This live light installation, from an internationally renowned artist, is inspired by and simulates the chaos in the creation of the Universe on one of Toronto’s most noted venues. The medium is Digital Kakejiku (DK) a new form created by the Artist.

One way to describe DK's effect is by using the oxymoron Silent Music. On one hand it reveals the connection between colour and sound and on the other that silence can also be perceived as sound.

Today the digital world offers the possibility of algorithmically melding music and light. For Akira Hasegawa the human attribute of 'auditory-visual synesthesia' (the sensation of seeing sounds or hearing colours) is a natural state that we all posses. It is the artists hope to re-awaken this state in audiences.

15 min performances on the hour from 8:30-11:30 by The National Ballet of Canada and U of T Philharmonic.

Suitable for all ages