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Zone A Independent Project

Geoff Frost, Katie Kuzan, Susan Varickanickal, AirSHIP, 2011, Installation
Photo: Katie Kuzan
University of Toronto, The Music Room, Hart House
7 Hart House Circle
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U of T - Space Suit Studio


Geoff Frost - Toronto, Canada
Katie Kuzan - Toronto, Canada
Susan Varickanickal - Brampton, Canada
Solar Blimp Design Team - Toronto, Canada


This exhibition is an exploration of lost technology. Many years have past since the last great airships took to the skies. This exhibition imagines a world that could have been. A fleet of airships is seen moored for the night over a foreign land - waiting for the dawn before beginning their journeys again. The airships are tied together to prevent one from losing its way in the dark. Small lights on each ship illuminate the sky.

You are invited to step into this world. Come see the airships sway in the breeze. Come find their reflection in dark pools amongst tall stands of bamboo. Most importantly, come experience the calming awe of seeing gentle giants float the night away, awaiting the dawn.

Suitable for all ages