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Zone A Independent Project

Renzo Martens, Episode III: Enjoy Poverty, 2009
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Hart House
7 Hart House Circle
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U of T - Justina M. Barnicke Gallery & Hart House

how far is near -- how near is far

Group Exhibition

Installations, Performance and Visual Art

In an accelerated world of information new experiences of proximity and distance arise -- including the inversion of both. Multiple projects throughout Hart House provide an immersive experience. The overwhelming drone of multiple television screens features demonstrations and protests from around the world – complemented by images of burning flags. These are juxtaposed with the Third Millenium Farming project, The Hors d'oeuvre, which will treat viewers to the psychological challenge of eating insects in the hope of decreasing the size of our “foodprint” and generate more sustainable micro-crops designed for urban farming.

Suitable for all ages