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Aboriginal Studies Program, Medicine Walk, 2011
Photo: Seventh Generation Image Makers
Kahontake Kitikan Garden
East Side of Hart House (West Side of University Avenue at Queen's Park)
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U of T - Aboriginal Studies Program

Medicine Walk

Group Exhibition

Performance Art

Gladden your eyes and stretch your faculties in this exercise of artful decolonization—a multi-disciplinary celebration that re-members and reclaims Aboriginal knowledge, artistry and language. Medicine Walk is a performance/installation that highlights individual and collective acts of cultural, territorial and linguistic reclamation by Aboriginal (and Aboriginal Studies) students from the University of Toronto. Audiences will have the opportunity to participate in singing, physical expression and language reclamation and so weave themselves, as contemporary urban humans, into an ancient story.  

At 6:30am audiences will be invited to gather with the entire team to participate in a Sunrise Ceremony, which will conclude the event.

Suitable for all ages