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Zone A Independent Project

St. Joseph's College School, Cloister, 2011
Photo: P Sabyan
74 Wellesley Street West
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St. Joseph's College School


The Students of St. Joseph's College School - Toronto, Canada

Multimedia Installation

St. Joseph’s college school was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph’s 156 years ago. We will address key issues of Toronto’s history and the deep involvement of the sisters with social justice issues. The sisters have provided help to the city’s longstanding population of newly-arrived immigrants, the ailing and the poor.  

The arts are the best way to bring this story and history to life. Images projected with video footage, historical photographs and text will be woven into intervals of live performance and sound. This time-based multimedia installation will reveal a history of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the imprint they have made on Toronto. In the seclusion of this carefully constructed environment, we reveal throughout the night our story within the mystery of our cloister.


Suitable for all ages