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John Cage, Fontana Mix, 1958
111 Queen's Park
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Soundstreams & The Gardiner Museum

A Celebration of John Cage @ 100!

Carla Huhtanen - Toronto, Canada
Stephanie Chua - Toronto, Canada
Jesse Dell - Toronto, Canada
Jordana Deveau - Toronto, Canada
Kate Franklin - Toronto, Canada
Gregory Oh - Toronto, Canada
Ryan Scott - Toronto, Canada
Wesley Shen - Toronto, Canada

Music and Dance performances

Soundstreams celebrates the 100th birthday of American composer John Cage at the Gardiner Museum with a fantastic night of music, dance, readings, visual art, and more!

Composer, poet, artist John Cage was one of the most important leaders of the 20th century avant-garde and revolutionized how we define music. Soundstreams explores Cage’s impact on various art forms and invites audiences to engage with his work. Programmed by Lawrence Cherney, the evening features some of Cage’s most famous works - Credo is US, Music for Amplified Toy Pianos, and Radio Music. Additionally, choreography by Kate Franklin.


Suitable for all ages