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Zone A Independent Project

DRIFT: The Elements, animations for the TTC screens, 2011
Photo: Onestop Media Group
TTC Subway Platform Screens Across Toronto
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Onestop Media Group, Art for Commuters & Toronto Animated Image Society

DRIFT: The Elements

Claire Bennett - Toronto, Canada
Evan DeRushie - Toronto, Canada
John Halfpenny - Toronto, Canada
Heather Harkins - Hailfax, Canada
Craig Marshall - Toronto, Canada
Lynn Dana Wilton - Toronto, Canada

Experimental Animation

DRIFT: The Elements examines the essential elements of life: earth, wind, fire and water. Six artists explore their own personal interpretation of these fundamental life-giving elements in newly commissioned animations that take on this theme, with a focus on abstraction and experimentation.

DRIFT: The Elements will dominate the underground tunnels for 12 straight hours, bringing art to over one million TTC commuters, without interruption from the news and advertisements that usually populate these screens.

Not travelling on the TTC? View the videos at the link below.



Suitable for all ages