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Artist unknown, Payal ki Jhankaar (detail), 1980, photo collage, paint
Photo: Courtesy of the Hartwick Collection
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
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Institute for Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum

Bollywood Cinema Showcards: Indian Film Art from the 1950s to the 1980s

Group Exhibition

Visual Art

A North American premiere, this exhibition of original vintage Bollywood cinema artworks features the greatest Bollywood celebrities and award-winning films from India's recent film history. These pieces embody the quirky and colourful style of India's cinema culture, which holds a growing fascination in the West, and is a deep cultural tradition in the East.

With an emphasis on cinema showcards from the 1950s to the 1980s, the exhibition includes more than 60 of them. Commissioned to promote Bollywood films, these showcards were produced by local artisans who used a combination of photo collage and hand painting to create dynamic interpretations of scenes from Bollywood films. Through posters, lobby cards, cinema booklets and photographs, the exhibit traces a visual journey through the world of Bollywood Cinema. Enter through the Queen's Park doors.

Suitable for all ages