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Rose Bolton, video by Marc de Guerre, The Crown of the Bell, 2011
Chalmers House
20 St. Joseph Street
416-961-6601 ext 205
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Canadian Music Centre

The Crown of the Bell

Rose Bolton - Toronto, Canada
Marc de Guerre - Toronto, Canada

Sound Installation, Video Installation

The ringing of bells is an ancient human-generated sound. They continue to evoke strong emotions in us, stimulating memories of peace, mourning, worship and celebration. Over the past one hundred years, the sound of bells has become more and more of a relic of the past. Like the stars that are no longer visible in a city lit by electric light, the peeling of bells that used to pierce the atmosphere are now swallowed by the rising tide of the noise of city life.

Throughout the building the ringing of bells will be returned to their historic role as a symbol of civilization by creating a peaceful refuge in the chaos of the city night.

Wander through the spaces as the sound of bells blend with electronic musical material and video projections in a continuous and evolving flow.


Suitable for all ages