Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Independent Project

Elizabeth Greisman, Luminous Banners, 2010, Painted Silk and Canvas
Photo: Armondo Lulu
Spadina Museum
285 Spadina Road
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Bail, Chadda, Cook, Danziger, Greisman, Miller, Moyle, Stein & Wobeser

Inside Out

Alexander Moyle - Toronto, Canada
Barbara Cook - Toronto, Canada
Elizabeth Greisman - Toronto, Canada
Frith Bail - Toronto, Canada
Gloria Stein - Toronto, Canada
Radha Chaddah - Toronto, Canada
Ruth Danziger - Toronto, Canada
Sue Miller - Creemore, Canada
Wendy Wobeser - Kingston, Canada



While the interior of the Spadina Museum is alive with patterns and forms inspired by its garden and forested grounds, the fixed decor cannot  run amok. Nine artists, untethered,  turn inside out, on the estate grounds with illuminated installations in varied media, including: projections, ceramic and textile sculptures, a mobile, an 'optical drawing machine', several large painted banners and  video performance pieces by the Four Humors - Blood, Black Bile, Yellow Bile and Phlegm.  

Inside Out is an exhibit in which the reveller's experience is stretched beyond expectations exploring the genesis of life and matter, animal communications, and physiognomy - the ancient practice of determining human characteristics from the appearance of plants and animals.

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Suitable for all ages