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Zack Settel & Mike Wozniewski, Audio Graffiti, 2010, Sound Installation
Photo: Zack Settel
Theatre Direct's Christie Studio
601 Christie Street
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Artscape Wychwood Barns - New Adventures in Sound Art & Theatre Direct

Audio Graffiti

Zack Settel - Montreal, Canada
Mike Wozniewski - Montreal, Canada

Installation, Sound Installation

Audio Graffiti, a sound/music installation, explores novel modes of interaction with sound and space. Equipped with wireless headsets and various small musical instruments, each participant can "tag" or "spray" the wall with the sounds they make. As a user moves about the wall, he/she experiences a changing sonic perspective or "mixture" of the wall's sounds. These audio tags combine with pre-existing tags, which fade out very slowly over time. A small number of pre-defined audio tags are provided with the installation, to facilitate “musical” collaboration by providing references for pitch and rhythm synchronization. The work explores multi-person artistic collaboration, and sonic perspective as a listener-specific form of remixing, where people actively participate in the rendering of the music they encounter.

Suitable for all ages