Zone A Independent Project

University of Toronto Art Centre, 15 King's College Circle

U of T Art Centre & WayUpWayDown


Yasunori Aoki, Barbara Balfour, Myles Chiu, David Court, Crystal Castles, Steve Engels, Mike Ferri, Charlotte Herriman, Curtis Huang, Steve Jones, Sunny Kerr, Joyce Lam, Yam Lau, Esther Lee, Andrew McAllister, Emily Mclennan, Jeff Nagashima, Stephanie Shepherd, Scott Sorli, Josh Thorpe, Flavio Trevisan, Alyssa Tsang, Tania Ursomarzo

Installation, Video Installation, Multimedia Installation

“Vehicle” is a multi-car, multi-artist exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of the car as a site of community contact. Inside and outside of UTAC viewers will discover interactive parking art, cars transformed into mobile art galleries, trampoline-activated Second Life bodies, custom built Xbox games, and architectural intervention. The car settings encourage experimentation and welcome unlikely participants and unanticipated mergings. Participants join forces with WayUpWayDown, the Toronto Subaru Club and UTAC to explore the car as an exhibition venue that forges new communities of creative practice.

Suitable for all ages