Zone C Exhibition

Carpet Factory Parking Lot, Fraser Avenue, North of Liberty Street


Ulysses Castellanos - Toronto, Canada
Faisal Anwar - Toronto, Canada

Interactive sculpture/installation

XIBALBA is an interactive sculpture/installation consisting of two cubic structures that glow and pulsate in increasing increments depending on the viewer’s proximity to each structure. The minimalist cubic forms function as sculptures and as architectural spaces. They are intended to offer a shelter from the sensory overload that is such a big part of city living.

Each of the architectural forms are comprised of an 8 x 8 foot cubic structure encasing a smaller 3 x 3 foot cube. The larger cubic structure is outfitted with a small “doorway” that enables the public to step inside. Both cubic structures contain lighting fixtures connected to a motion sensor. The motion sensor is in turn connected to a computer that regulates the intensity and frequency of the light pulses depending on the public’s interaction with the piece.

As viewers enter, the cubes light up in varying rhythmic patterns, creating a calming effect. Thus XIBALBA infuses a non-descriptive parking lot with a spiritual presence. XIBALBA can only be activated when a viewer enters into one of the cubic structures, and the different patterns of light are determined by the frequency in which the attendees enter the structures, and by the length of time that is spent within.

Suitable for all ages

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