Zone C Exhibition

Parking lot at 60 Atlantic Avenue, north of Artscape

SMASH! Droppin' Stuff, 2008

The Custodians of Destruction - Toronto, Canada

Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

Celebrate the transcience of Stuff. Treasured possessions and household objects get a moment in the spotlight before meeting their demise. Stuff is dropped from above and smashed in this intense ritual of destruction, with dramatic soundscapes and live projectio. ;Humans create a lot of Stuff, all of which inevitably breaks down or wears out. When that happens, the Stuff gets put outside with the trash for someone else to take away. But not tonight. On October 4, 2008, these objects will be given a final farewell and then meet a glorious, cataclysmic end.

SMASH! Droppin' Stuff will take place in twelve installments over the course of the night, with video replay running in between shows. Each show will feature several objects, each one introduced by an emcee and dropped to musical accompaniment. Live video feed of each object will be projected on the wall for close-up action shots. Come for a whole show and participate in the increasingly intensifying ritual, then stay for slow motion replays afterwards.

It's all the glamour of a public art event combined with the raw power of dropping stuff from great heights. Come celebrate the beauty of everyday objects, the inevitablility of destruction, and the glory of finality.

Parental guidance advised

In association with Redhanded Productions, Christine Latimer, Drew Jurecka, and Bruce Horak

Thank you to:
All the volunteers and everyone who contributed Stuff.