Zone C Exhibition

Parking lot between Mowat and Fraser Avenues, South of Liberty Street

Future (· · · - - - · · ·) Perfect, 2008

Brendan Fernandes - Toronto, Canada

Multimedia Installation

Pulsing with a dramatic lighting score indicating S-O-S in morse code, Brendan Fernandes’ towering installation of shipping containers addresses the trauma of migration, displacement and change. Fernandes’ sculptural installation evokes Moshe Safdie’s utopic Habitat housing scheme, produced for the 1967 Montreal Exposition, and designed to include all people regardless of class, race or gender. Fernandes’ monumental structure, however, reflects on the failure of this ideology and the susceptibility of these social projects to capitalist forces. The work has a local relevance, reflecting on the politics of gentrification and the displacements inherent to the project of urban renewal.

Suitable for all ages

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