Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Exhibition - (Curated by: Nicholas Brown)

Jeremy Jansen and Niall McClelland , Barricades, 2011

Yonge Street, south of Queen Street
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Barricades, 2011

Jeremy Jansen - Toronto, Canada
Niall McClelland - Toronto, Canada


Barricades consists of three works constructed with materials that typically signify the over-protection, distrust and paranoia of the local population during large assemblies in the downtown core. The materials typically used to barricade and block off spaces of this nature are given new forms and contexts that undermine their original purposes.

Overly cautious actions taken during public assemblies betray the peaceful aspirations of a city. By using the same materials used to barricade the space during these gatherings, this installation gives them new context. Sculptures that fail in their original purpose to guard anything, and act instead as sources of curiosity, absurdity and faith.

Jeremy Jansen was born in Calgary, schooled in Vancouver and now lives in Toronto. Primarily known for his photographic work, recurring motifs of pattern, grain, gloaming and chiaroscuro pervade much of his imagery.

Niall McClelland grew up in Toronto, spent many summers in Northern Ireland, attended school in Vancouver and later returned to Toronto where he currently resides. He has a BD from The Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Both have shown at the Clint Roenisch Gallery.

Suitable for all ages