Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone C Exhibition - (Curated by: Christof Migone)

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Soon, 2011
Photo: Chris Bigg

Commerce Court, Courtyard
25 King Street West (Accessible from Jordan Street, Melinda Street or Bay Street)
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Soon, 2011

Jane Pollard - London, UK
Iain Forsyth - London, UK


Be caught up in a moment.

Soon is a materialization, a frozen moment between the before and after. Rising from Commerce Court, an inexplicable encounter unfolds. A visitation, an incursion, a somnambulist's vision emerges in full view. Sound and vision conspire to warp perception. Interior and exterior spaces are overwhelmed by unnatural forces. Something is about to happen. Soon. 

Forsyth & Pollard are best known for their recreations of cultural and art historical events and documents, from 'A Rock 'N Roll Suicide' their 1998 Ziggy Stardust reconstruction to 'File under Sacred Music' their 2003 meticulous recreation of an infamous Cramps bootleg video.

They create bold experimental projects exploring liveness, repetition, mediation and reception, often combining an eccentric mix of religion, science, magic and music. Soon is their first major public commission.

Suitable for all ages

Supported by Arup, soundtrack by Scanner