Zone C Exhibition

Corner of Liberty St. and Jefferson Ave.

Imagine Peace, 2001

Yoko Ono - New York, USA

Installation, Visual Art

Yoko Ono has often remarked that all of her work is a form of wishing. For "Wish Tree", participants are invited to write a wish on a piece of paper and tie it to the branch of a tree, as a form of collective secular prayer. The resulting mass of wishes resembles white flowers blossoming from afar.

The "Imagine Peace" billboard continues the advertising strategy of the “War is Over!” campaign that Ono and Lennon waged in the late sixties and early seventies. The language is both softened and more direct, but the implication of our complicity remains – peace will continue to elude us if we are unable to even fathom its existence.

Forty-thousand buttons adorned with the phrase will also be distributed to visitors over the course of the evening.

Suitable for all ages

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