Zone C Exhibition

135 Liberty Street, Corner of Liberty Street and Pardee Avenue

Urban Voice Oscillator, 2008

Mahan Javadi - Toronto, Canada
Bruno Billio - Toronto, Canada

Installation, Light Installation, Interactive Art

Bruno Billio & Mahan Javadi have devised an exciting and interactive way to “touch” and play with light through vocal participation. With the combination of a green industrial laser, string and interactive computer programming and electronics, participants can have the energy and excitement of their voices animated and enlarged visually to an urban scale in a mesmerizing laser display.

The "Urban Voice Oscillator" will be activated through vocal interaction via a microphone that will manipulate and oscillate a vertical mohair string illuminated using the green laser. The resulting oscillation of the string will cause pulsation of the laser beam. The participant becomes the performer as a result of the personal voice becoming public through the large scale visual display.

Suitable for all ages

In association with Laserglow Technologies, Tatar Gallery and Henry Ng

Thank you to:
City of Toronto and the public.

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