Zone C Exhibition

153 Dufferin Street, entrance via Mowat Avenue

UNTITLED, 2004-2005

Shilpa Gupta - Mumbai, India

Interactive video installation

Seven figures are dressed in camouflage, a fashion which has become increasingly popular since the War on Terror campaign. Click on the figures and they move. They copy, they imitate. Click one, click two. Choose a leader. Become a leader, and the rest will follow. Exercise 1-2-3-4. One Bend. Two Bend. Three Bend. Stay Look Straight – Don’t See – STAY. We allow the media to think for us and amputate individual reasoning. Mental and physical activity slip from the mechanical to the mindless; into fear, chaos and violence against an enemy that does not exist. Everybody Bend. Don’t Talk. Don’t See. Don’t Hear.

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to:
Bose Pacia, New York