Zone B Exhibition

St. Lawrence Parking garage, Yonge Street and The Esplanade

Alternator, 2008

Rita McKeough - Calgary, Canada

Performance Art

Searching for oil in a downtown parking lot, performance artist Rita McKeough will erect small oil rigs on every oil leak and oil stain scattered throughout the parking lot.

She will spend the twelve hours of Nuit Blanche using her skills as a car driver to generate electricity to operate her miniaturized oil pumps. She will drive a hand-cranked generator and her gestures will integrate with the movement of the oil pumps. As the night progresses McKeough will operate all of the pumps and frantically attempt to stop the oil from leaking away. The audience may offer to assist McKeough with her various activities or they may simply watch her efforts.

A sound track will permeate the humorous and chaotic environment of the parking lot where the performance is taking place and will drive the intensity of McKeough’s performance, perhaps bringing to light contradictions and tensions in a world that reveals a drift away from reason.

Suitable for all ages

Assisted by the Alberta College of Art + Design

Thank you to:
Wayne Baerwaldt, Robyn Moody, Nuit Blanche Team, ACAD PAC