Zone B Exhibition

Cathedral Church of St. James, 65 Church Street

Don Coyote & Quixotic, 2008

Matt Masters & Terrance Houle - Calgary, Canada - Montreal, Canada

Performance Art, Multimedia Installation, Musical performance with storytelling


Matt Masters, Terrance Houle and a six piece band present an intimate Western caberet called "Don Coyote" in St. James Church. Don Coyote is a 21st-century resident of Calgary whose infatuation of all things Western leaves him delusional and believing he's a cowboy troubadour, roaming the land in pursuit of the honour-bound Cowboy Code. "Don Coyote" is not a re-telling of the classic, "Don Quixote", but it draws inspiration and parallels from it. Andrew Ager, organist of St. James Cathedral, will fill this magnificent landmark in downtown Toronto with the thrilling sounds of improvised and composed works between performances of "Don Coyote". and quests offer QUIXOTIC: a phantasmagoric roaming ritual. Composed of live performance, projected video, and found audio, watch as "La momma morta", (The Dead Mother), reveals herself in protest as a spectral divine.

Artists include: Stephen Lawson, Aaron Pollard, Eric Barbeau, Eric Moschopedis, Andrea Lundy, Jane Wells, and more.

Suitable for all ages

In association with Illingworth Kerr Gallery at ACAD, Sled Island Music Festival, Glenbow Museum

With the support of The Alberta Foundation for the Arts; Calgary Arts Development Agency

Thank you to:
Anthea Black, Paula Dozois, Alexandra Keim, Jeffrey Spalding, Cathedral Church of St. James