Zone B Exhibition

330 Bay Street

15 Minutes of Fame, 2008

Amanta Scott - Toronto, Canada

Installation, Sculpture, Performance Art

Amanta Scott's "15 Minutes of Fame” features a bare prison bed; a prison blanket, sheet, and pillow; and a standard-issue prison suitcase containing assorted personal items. Viewer/participants are invited to: open the suitcase; consider, select and arrange items upon and around the bed to create a new installation - a personal artistic statement about incarceration - then write about their installation in the Book of Fame, which is on site and open for everyone to read. Other visitors are invited to write comments about this and other installations in the Book of Fame. Each installation remains on display for a maximum of 15 minutes and is documented by photographer John Davidson, to be posted subsequently online. Also during the evening Amanta Scott will be presenting impromptu performances, centred around the prison bed, integrating new music; movement; voice and text. These performances will be documented through digital video and photography. This event kick-starts a new syncretic art exhibition entitled "Parallel Lines" – a collaboration between Amanta Scott and John Davidson.

Suitable for all ages

In association with Leading Tone Arts Productions, Toronto Arts Council

Thank you to:
Correctional Services Canada; and everyone else for believing in wild ideas