Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Exhibition - (Curated by: Shirley Madill)

The Practice of Everyday Design , Elephant in the Room, 2011

Lobby of The Keenan Research Centre
209 Victoria Street
(On the corner of Victoria and Shuter Streets)
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Elephant in the Room, 2011

Antoine Morris - Toronto, Canada
David Long - Vancouver, Canada
The Practice of Everyday Design - Toronto, Canada

Light Installation

The “elephant in the room” is a saying that refers to the collective denial of an obvious problem that will not disappear on its own.  Playing with this notion of the "unseen", the artists produce a spatial metaphor for this abstract concept by creating a celestial body in the form of an elephant using LED "stars". Traditionally, star constellations define patterns in space, categorize series of celestial bodies and have mythological references imposed on them. The pattern or picture, when recognized, brings order to space, making the infinite manageable and offering a point of reference in the night sky. By combining the two concepts – the celestial sphere and the invisible subject the artists create a paradoxical and humourous installation.  The “elephant in the room” becomes obvious, so much so that it does not have to be singled out anymore, therefore forcing confrontation.  That which is to be avoided becomes the essence of our navigation.

THE PRACTICE OF EVERYDAY DESIGN is an award-winning partnership between Antoine Morris and David Long.  Their work focuses on installation art, product design, and architecture.  Their ideas emerge from a desire to re-evaluate the banality of the everyday and create innovative and playful designs.

Suitable for all ages