Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Exhibition - (Curated by: Shirley Madill)

Dylan Reibling, 12 Hour Dolly, 2011

62 Bond Street (North of Shuter Street)
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12 Hour Dolly, 2011

Dylan Reibling - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Art and FIlm

The dolly shot is the most revered, powerful and evocative moment in a film’s making. The mechanics are straightforward a camera is mounted on a wheeled platform that glides effortlessly and smoothly along a set of rails. While technically simple, the effect of an extended moving shot can be transcendent. It provides a visual encounter that embraces the physical gravity of the world, provoking feelings of intimacy, harmony, and revelation. For 12 Hour Dolly, a professional film crew will set up a circular dolly track and film continuously for 12 straight hours. Located in the centre is a makeshift stage with a single stool.  One-by-one, spectators are invited to sit centre-stage and participate in the making of a film. A live stream from the camera is projected onto an adjacent wall for spectators to view like an outdoor movie. This installation will transform the cityscape through the intervention of cinema. As both a performance and tool for performance, 12 Hour Dolly engages the audience in an experience of what happens in front of and behind the camera.

Dylan Reibling is an award-winning filmmaker whose work ranges from stop-motion animation and drama to interactive prototypes. In all media, Dylan explores the mechanics of narrative. He is interested in the effects of texture, tactility and touch and the potential of these elements to cross different platforms.

Suitable for all ages