Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone B Exhibition - (Curated by: Shirley Madill)

Kurt Firla, Elliott Mealia and Po-Mo Inc, Ride the Rocket, 2011

On Bay Street North of Dundas Street West
600 Bay Street
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Ride the Rocket, 2011

Kurt Firla - Toronto, Canada
Elliott Mealia - Toronto, Canada
Po-Mo Inc - Winnipeg, Canada

Multimedia Installation

Torontonians know “Ride the Rocket” as the slogan the TTC uses to get the public to ride the transit system. This interactive art happening turns the TTC slogan on its head, and transforms a regular stationary streetcar into a virtual rocket ride. Referencing famous “simulation rides" at theme parks, the “ride” is all illusion. Through Sound FX, video, animation, and computer graphics, the illusion of travelling without moving will become a surreal journey through space and time as this streetcar appears to stop at places that no one knows ever existed.  A personally trained “TTC driver” will safely guide visitors through this extraordinary journey and act as a tour guide. No need for a transfer or a TTC pass to get on this ride!

Kurt Firla is a visual artist, animator and comedian.  He has been doing stop-motion animation for the past 8 years at Cuppa Coffee Animation. Elliott Mealia's studio practice references technology, military and aviation history.  He uses painting and drawing as his main media.

Suitable for all ages

In association with LuminAD, Evolution AV, Remote Ctrl, Cuppa Coffee Animation, Saucer Sound and Drew Lightfoot