Zone A Exhibition

900 Bay Street ( Wellesley in the MacDonald Block Building)

Conversation #2, 2008

Tom Bendtsen - Toronto, Canada


Tom Bendtsen's "Conversation #2" will consist of some 12,000 books configured as an oval measuring 4 metres in width and 4 metres high. A pixilated landscape image will be created from the colours of the books' spines facing the outside, the neutral/tan colour of the paper will be facing in.

Similar to the earlier work "Argument#4(b)" where the viewer enters the work, an entrance will be constructed in the wall of the piece. Once inside the dark interior of the structure, the viewer will discover small fungal plant-life. This element of the work will not be obvious at first, but will be available to those who take the time to investigate the interior, where they will discover spores, signifying that which is underground, hidden, and regenerating life.

Tom Bendtsen has built a number of works that feature books as physical metaphors of structure, identity and tools of defense and aggression.

Suitable for all ages