Zone A Exhibition

College Park, 444 Yonge Street

Zombies in Condoland, 2008

Jillian McDonald - New York, USA

Performance Art

"Zombies in Condoland" is a series of night actions that mimic a film screening set for a low-budget horror film such as the type made famous by George Romero whose latest film, "Diary of a Zombie", was filmed in Toronto.

Anyone can participate and be a zombie. Zombies are encouraged to come in character - nurse zombie, business person zombie, geek zombie, sports zombie. They are encouraged also to do their makeup en route, in cafes, bars, and mass transit. There will also be make-up tents and zombie clothing available on site. Instructional videos are included on the website: .

Parental guidance advised

In association with Thea Munster & the Annual Toronto Zombiewalk.

Thank you to:
Thea Munster