Zone A Exhibition

Ryerson University Student Centre, 55 Gould Street (between the Student Campus Centre & O’Keefe House)

House of Leaves, 2008

Katherine L. Lannin - Toronto, Canada


The House of Leaves, (a title partly inspired by the fictional book under the same name written by author, Mark Z. Danielewski) is an installation made of thousands of pages from books torn from their binding and fixed to the outer walls of two buildings located at Ryerson University Campus (sandwiched between the Student Campus Centre and O’Keefe House).

Lannin transforms this walkway asking us to reinterpret how we think about public space. The pages completely consume the space transforming it into an ethereal cave like structure.

Passing through the installed work pedestrian traffic stirs and ruffles the pages; an effect that imbues the space with the sense that it is a living organism, a fiction itself, created by other fictions.

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to:
Vladimir Spicanovic and Kelly Lannin for their continued support.