Zone A Exhibition

65 Dundas Street West (at Bay Street)

Stock Extravaganza, 2008

Robert Hengeveld - Toronto, Canada

Visual Art, Multimedia Installation

A garbage receptacle, familiar and quite easily overlooked, is centre to this all but ordinary sight. What appears to be just another piece of street furniture is in fact something quite fantastical. Within the container is a miniature and fully animated concert stage. The strange melodic sound that pounds from within the container is the first hint of something extraordinarily mysterious. Upon closer investigation one becomes aware of the smoke belching out of the container. Peering inside reveals all the grandeur of the concert experience, albeit a doll house version. This project both reflects, and exists within, the city; an urban landscape where the strange is only too familiar, and where the abnormal is in fact the norm. It brings together two distinctive worlds, that of the extremely familiar (the furniture of the city) and the fantastically bizarre (the spectacle of the concert event). The project has evolved from the recent work 'Staging the Gap' which explores the intricate relationship between the audio and visual experience, as found within the concert event. More information on this and other works is available at

Suitable for all ages