Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Zone A Exhibition - (Curated by: Candice Hopkins)

Chris Rogers, Graham Rogers, Dave Wood, Coevality

92 College Street (East of University Avenue)
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Coevality, 2011

Chris Rogers - Mono Township, Canada
Graham Rogers - Toronto, Canada
Dave Wood - Toronto, Canada

Audio Visual

Coevality is an interactive audio-video installation which focuses on co-existence and transformation. A trio of artists from two generations will capture the creative process of a traditional painting and transpose that into a contemporary digital projection using the wall of a historical Victorian building as their canvas. Comprised of elements and themes inspired by a visual timeline of Toronto's urban cityscape, a painting by Chris Rogers will be broken down into its most fundamental layers, each individually filmed in real time as they are painted. Through the resulting projection the audience will experience every brush stroke as they are simultaneously laid down to create a complete work, inspiring contemplation on the themes of modern advancement in our habitat and in our art.

Coevality: originating or existing during the same period, lasting through the same era.

Chris Rogers is a visual artist, working primarily in 2-D. She lives and works in Mono Township, Ontario. Graham Rogers and Dave Wood are local film makers specializing in digital editing and artistic design, respectively. This is their first collaboration.

Suitable for all ages