pre-event planning

To survive an all-night adventure of this scale, be sure to pack a bag of essential items. Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Comfortable shoes are mandatory! You may also want to bring a blanket for spontaneous catnaps, an umbrella and an extra layer of clothes, plus coffee, tea, water and snacks for quick rejuvenation throughout the night. Plus, bring along a camera, a flashlight and a cell phone for interactive texting projects, but most importantly, bring an open mind and an all-nighter attitude!

Go mobile with txtART! Create your own audio tour by using your cell phone to dial in and listen to exhibition artists and curators talk about their work, or download the files to your mp3 player before the event.

While onsite, look for keywords printed on the exhibition signage to dial in and listen to the artist's audio files. No premium mobile charges apply to use your cell phone, but your regular air time minutes will apply as per your individual service contract.

Plus, check out the txtART microsite to sign up to receive event alerts, enter contests, download audio files and upload your photos and comments.