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Jean-François Lacombe, KortuneFookie, 2008, cedar wood, metal, acrylic, bees wax, electronics, custom application, www.
Yonge Street at Hayden Street
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Jean-François Lacombe


Jean-François Lacombe - Ottawa, Canada
Christian Desjardins - Ottawa, Canada

Interactive Installation

KortuneFookie is an interactive installation. A giant fortune cookie made of cedar wood granting every user a printed fortune with a simple touch of a button. Besides being a unique way to obtain a fortune, the spectacularity of this project is that it is KortuneFookie’s social network that creates its content. Inspired by the idea of the fortune cookie, the project was created to permit different users to share their thoughts between themselves. When you read a fortune from a cookie, you wonder who is its creator? Is it a real divination or just a simple prank? This project’s goal is to infuse its users with a power of divination while creating texts that are distributed by the interactive kiosk. To add your social reflections, useless quotes, random spiritual messages or snappy rhetoric to the growing list, just visit the website!

Suitable for all ages