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Zone A Exhibition - (Curated by: Gerald McMaster)

Laurel MacDonald, XXIX, 2010, Video Installation
Photo: Laurel MacDonald

Royal Ontario Museum, The Spirit House
100 Queen's Park
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XXIX, 2010

Laurel MacDonald - Toronto, Canada

Video Installation

XXIX is a site site-specific video installation depicting 29 singers performing in 29 languages, their voices emanating from 29 speakers placed throughout The Spirit House, in the lobby of the Royal Ontario Museum XXIX features many of the most interesting and gifted Canadian singers in all musical genres, each performing in the language of her or his personal heritage.

Laurel MacDonald is an interdisciplinary artist (singer, composer and video artist) based in Toronto. Her work has been reaching the eyes and ears of music, film, dance and visual arts audiences in Canada and internationally for about two decades.

Suitable for all ages

In association with John Oswald and the Institute for Contemporary Culture, Royal Ontario Museum