Independent Projects

The Bone Runners, 2015

Suitable for all ages

Gardiner Museum

The Bone Runners

Nurielle Stern - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

Archeological finds of Stone Age ice skates inspire a winter landscape where the distant past and future intertwine. Delicate paper objects combine with ceramics and video to form an interactive installation.

Skates made from paper and porcelain will be strung from their laces; their runners resembling antlers or raw bone sliced to reveal the marrow. A clay tv-set perched on a sled will flash intermittent images of snow. Piles of porcelain objects shaped like spear points or hand axes will be scattered around the room.

Visitors may take one of the 3,000 spear points or hand axes as a tactile reminder of the experience.

Evocative of movement, migration and the glacial passing of eons, The Bone Runners inhabits an anachronistic space where history and myth merge, and fleeting impressions of light and darkness are reshaped into our cultural memories.

Nurielle Stern (MFA in Ceramic Art) is a ceramic sculpture and installation artist and Artist-In-Residence at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.


111 Queens Park (Museum Subway Station), 416

This project is indoors.