Independent Projects

Untitled, 2015

Suitable for all ages

Hart House - Marlowe Porter

Muscle Memory

Marlowe Porter - Toronto, Canada
Julie McLachlan - Toronto, Canada
Jessie Garon - Toronto, Canada
Amanda Pye - Toronto, Canada

Dance Performance

Memories exist as synapses in our brains, but they can be translated into action and muscle. Can you recall something memorable to you and how it shaped your physical self? How did it change the way you walk, speak or sleep? Here we investigate the capacity in which our bodies can carry memories, positive or negative, triumphant and failed. The work involves a creative process that utilizes various methods to physicalize personal and collective memory, through sharing a memory of intimacy, of being scared or feeling overwhelming joy or a memory of utter sadness. Through vigorous and fluid choreography we take our memories and bring them back to life conveying them in their most visceral form, through flesh, bone and breath.

Marlowe Porter creates dance works that investigate the moving body in urban landscapes. This is the first piece she has created for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.


Hart House

7 Hart House Circle ((east Common Room on the first floor)), 647

This project is indoors.