Scotiabank People's Choice 2007
Zone A: Kristen Roos, Ghost Station
Zone B: Hangman Gallery, Sit Down/Asseyez Vous/Tome Asiento
Zone C: Craig Walsh, Incursion

Everyone was invited to vote for their favourite contemporary art installation as part of the Scotiabank People's Choice, with one project in each zone being awarded $5,000 generously donated by Scotiabank.

"The Scotiabank People's Choice is our way of saying thank you to the artists who help put Scotiabank Nuit Blanche together for an unforgettable experience," said Chris Hodgson, Scotiabank Executive Vice-President and Head of Domestic Personal Banking. "The acknowledgment helped provide a truly interactive experience between artists and the public – it's programs like the Scotiabank People's Choice that allows Scotiabank to support and enrich the communities in which we live and work."

Gordon Braun-Woodbry of Toronto, Ontario is the 2007 People’s Choice contest winner and has won movies for a year from Cinplex Entertainment. Congratulations!


Also benefiting from the event is ArtHeart, the Regent Park community art centre which provides children, youth and adults with visual arts programs, art education and materials year round at no cost. Proceeds from merchandise and concession sales as well as from the People's Choice text voting has contributed $22,000 to the organization.