PARADE curated by Patrick Macaulay

Rumbling Drumlins, 2013

AGATHOM Co. - Toronto, Canada


Rumbling Drumlins (Artist Rendering), 2013
Photo: Serafima Korovina

This parade float poses questions about how built environments come to the fore when art and design triggers them."What’s that smell?” “What's that noise?” “Where's it coming from?” “Who built that?” “Is it supposed to mean something?” “When will it end?”

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For AGATHOM Co., the site is always the starting point, a space where structures fit and sit in existing physical and/or natural environments. Rumbling Drumlins explores the ersatz qualities of a traditional parade float as a way to highlight the haphazard nature of our built environment. The float poses some fundamental questions about the city and its environs: questions addressing not only the physical presences that surround us but also more sensory and ambient occurrences.

On a daily basis residents and visitors alike find themselves asking questions about a city “What’s that smell?” “What is that noise?” “Where is it coming from?” Other more substantive questions about built environments may only come to the fore when art and design triggers them. “Who built that?” “Why?” “Is it supposed to mean something?” This parade float attempts to distil the concerns of a city into floating responses for the inhabitants. Rumbling Drumlins acts in the same spirit of welcoming questions and making connections between what surrounds us and its significance.

Suitable for all ages


University Avenue & College Street

This project is outdoors.