Independent Projects

401 Richmond

Built for ART

Group Exhibition - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation, Video, Film, Performance Art, Social Sculpture, Photography

Don't stand around outside, come to Built for ART, 2013

401 Richmond is a unique venue with multiple projects: resident gallery exhibitions, outdoor screenings, performances, installations, and many more all under one roof. Plus access our shops, café, gardens, and our turn-of-the-century heritage building.

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This sprawling historic factory building turned cultural destination is a hub of contemporary art activity hosting numerous interactive and immersive projects all under one roof. 401 Richmond works collaboratively with their artist community to mount projects that speak to the unique character of the building, activating the space in interesting and engaging ways. Projects will lend themselves well to curious crowds to keep you out of line-ups!

You'll find art in unconventional locations like loading docks, courtyards, and the basement alongside more traditional exhibition and presentation spaces – dedicated explorers will find something around every corner. You can catch vintage music video screenings, open galleries, live music and dance, interactive video installations, environmental interventions, and so much more!

Parental guidance advised


401 Richmond Street West

This project is both indoors and outdoors.