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Baycrest Health Sciences & the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine

My Virtual Dream

My Virtual Dream Team - Toronto, Canada

Interactive Installation

My Virtual Dream powered by The Virtual Brain, 2013

Create your dream with The Virtual Brain. Wear wireless headsets to transmit your brain waves to live musicians, and steer the animations inside a dome.

For a stunning audiovisual experience, dreamers enter the Dreamery and spectators enter the Periphery.

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The centre of a 60’ dome will nestle a scientific breakthrough: The Virtual Brain, a computer model that can capture intricate details of your brain structure.

Although The Virtual Brain is designed to advance brain health giving clinicians information for effective diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders, for one night The Virtual Brain will be brought to you at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. How can you participate? You can send your brain signals wirelessly to The Virtual Brain through Brain
Computer Interface (BCI) headsets and create a panorama of colours, images, sound, and music. Immerse yourself in these stunning dreamscapes that you co-create with hundreds of others in one night, and cross the boundaries of art, science and technology.

For a memorable audiovisual experience, dreamers enter the Dreamery and spectators enter the Periphery.

Suitable for all ages


Outside the Leslie L. Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Building, 144 College Street (Look out for the dome to the east side of the Leslie H. Dan Pharmacy Building.)

This project is both indoors and outdoors.