Independent Projects

Abraham Galway and Lauren Poon

The Other Side of the Gardiner

Lauren Poon - Winnipeg, Canada
Abraham Galway - St. Clements, Canada


Our Monumental Infrastructure (concept rendering), 2013

The Other Side of the Gardiner re-envisions the space beneath a familiar piece of urban infrastructure with atmospheric tools of light, snow and sound.  It creates a surreal and inviting landscape to suggest new type of public realm. 

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When completed in 1966, the Gardiner Expressway embodied the ambitions and hopes entrusted in the car - speed, abundance, and the suburban lifestyle. Today, although recognized as necessary infrastructure, the Expressway is perceived as a scar on the city landscape, and increasingly viewed as a costly and deteriorating problem. The Gardiner's 'other-side' is an invitation to reconsider a place that is commonly known yet remains largely unseen.  Taking the form of an immersive installation, the project deploys atmospheric effects of light, snow and sound to transform the space into an inviting and surreal landscape. It uses the vitality of temporary human inhabitation to challenge preconceived notions and suggest a new type of public realm. 

Suitable for all ages


Bathurst & Fort York Blvd (Located beneath the Gardiner Expressway, south of Fort York.)

This project is outdoors.