10 for 10th - Memory Lane

10 Cultural Organizations

Curated by Che Kothari, this exhibition features 10 projects co-produced by the City of Toronto in partnership with 10 of Toronto's cultural organizations.

Curatorial Statement

Memory Lane

In celebration of the milestone 10th edition of Nuit Blanche, 10 major cultural partners have come together for an exhibition called 10 for 10th - Memory Lane. Both the Independent Projects and this exhibition are curated under the theme of Memory Lane.

Memory Lane explores the rich and textured terrain of memory, the personal, the shared, the sacred, the nostaglic, the iconic and the political. It dissolves the lines between space, place and time, allowing for contemplation and reflection while providing fertile ground for the creation of millions of new memories in the process.

Memory is the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers experiences. Memories shape who we are, the stories we tell and the lens through which we see the world. Memories are deeply personal, yet can also be experienced and created collectively. They surround us, from radio waves echoing through space to our very DNA. What memories shape us the most? What have we allowed to fade away or be distorted? What do our collective memories reveal about our future?

— Che Kothari


Photographer, Director, Producer, Curator, Founder, Artist and Instigator Che Kothari brings an army of energy towards everything he creates. Through all his contributions to the cultural landscape globally, he is determined to make a difference, hoping that emerging and established artists will both follow and shape his lead. Che plays a leading role in developing Toronto's contemporary Arts & Culture communities and has been recognized with the Mayor's Arts Award for Cutural Leadership presented by the Toronto Arts Foundation.


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