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Zone C Independent Project

Uncanny House Collective, The Hunger, 2009, Performance Installation
99 Gallery
99 Sudbury Street
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Margaret Krawecka & Ulysses Castellanos

Hansel and Gretel

Margaret Krawecka - Toronto, Canada
Ulysses Castellanos - Toronto, Canada
Malgorzata Nowacka - Toronto, Canada
Andrea Mastandrea - Toronto, Canada

Performance Installation

Hansel and Gretel is an interdisciplinary performance-installation based on the popular fairy tale of the same name. Be welcomed into an immersive, surreal experience. Take a break from the rational monotony of everyday life and experience child-like wonder. Video projections, sound and choreographed movement weave together to create a dream-like yet uncanny landscape that is just as fictional and escapist as it is real and alive in our contemporary world of mass consumption. Saturated by media advertising and seemingly infinite choice, our insatiable cravings propel us into a consumer mechanism which threatens to devour us, over and over again.

Parental guidance advised