Artscape Wychwood Barns - New Adventures in Sound Art
Sonic Spaces (the kinetics of sound)
Shawn Pinchbeck - Edmonton, Canada

Map #17, NAISA Space
601 Christie Street 416-652-5115

Performance Art, Sound Installation
Suitable for all ages

SonicSpaces (the kinetics of sound) is a sound installation that transforms people's movements into a dynamic interactive multichannel soundscape. Sonic Spaces allows participants a wide range of sonic and performance possibilities, making the experience vary greatly from person to person.

The use of one’s motion as an interface allows the installation to be accessible by everyone if they feel the inclination to play and explore. The closest analogy would be that it is a kind of sound instrument that is played by changing one's position in space and the characteristics of that motion over time. Sonic Spaces is about listening to the environment around you. It attempts to sensitize individuals who happen upon this work to slowdown for a moment and to become aware of the changing soundspace surrounding them.

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Photo Credit: Shawn Pinchbeck, Sonic Spaces (the kinetics of sound), 2003, Sound Installation