I just know that something good is going to happen, 2011 Curtis Grahauer - Vancouver, Canada

Map #3, Dundee Place
1 Adelaide Street East (Accessible from Yonge Street south of Adelaide Street)
Suitable for all ages

Location shoots for film and television on the streets of urban centres have become a prevalent occurrence: trailers, simulated lights and crew members milling about have become ubiquitous, temporary events, integrated into our daily lives. These location shoots give an indication that something is going to happen whether that is experiencing a take in action, a stunt or even seeing a star.

This time-based sculpture is intended to elicit the anticipation of a cinematic event by using the simple physical effects commonplace in the film industry: simulated rain, lights and fog. The viewer will be able to reconsider a banal location through the overt use of special effects as they narrate and activate the scene themselves.

The suspension of disbelief for which studio productions strive will be dispelled as the behind the scene mechanics are revealed to the viewers, as well as through the obvious disjuncture of rain inside the city tunnels. This work is intended to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation of the fantastical illusion of a shower of simulated rain, backlit and enveloped in fog, and the excitement of anticipating something spectacular about to happen.

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Photo Credit: Curtis Grahauer, I just know that something good is going to happen, 2011