Scotiabank Nuit Blanche


For one sleepless night, experience the city transformed by artists for Toronto's seventh annual sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art. One night only. All night long.

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  2. Zone C: Trisha Brown Dance Company, Planes, 2009 Photo: Julieta Cervantes

  3. Zone A: TIFF - Andrew Gunadie, 2012 Photo: Navy Nhum

  4. Zone A: Swapnaa Tamhane - The Institute of Knots, 2010 Photo: Cyrus Irani

  5. Zone B: Rhonda Weppler, Trevor Mahovsky, All Night Convenience, 2012

  6. Zone B: Queen St. West Business Improvement Area - Tania Ursomarzo, Shift, 2008

  7. Zone B: The Mission Business - Group Exhibition, ByoRenew testing process, 2012

  8. City Hall: Marco Brambilla, Civilization (Megaplex) - Heaven Detail, 2012 Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Grimes Gallery

  9. Zone B: Tonya Hart, Jelly Genes, 2012

  10. Zone B: Vikky Alexander, Crystal Palace, 2011

  11. Zone B: Gardiner Museum - Group Exhibition, Robotic Chair, 2008

  12. Zone A: Shelley Miller, Signature, 2006

  13. City Hall: Douglas Coupland, Museum of the Rapture, 2012

  14. Zone B: Didier Morelli, An attempt of engaging a wall in the public space of Toronto, 2012

  15. Zone B: Ryerson University - Group Exhibition, Aura, 2012

  16. Zone B: Ceal Floyer, Darkning, 2012

  17. Zone B: Artscape Wychwood Barns - Theatre Local - Group Exhibition, actor, 2011 Photo: Hendrik Scheel

  18. Zone A: Yves Caizergues, Green Invaders, 2012

  19. Zone C: Todmorden Mills Heritage Site - Viktor Mitic, Kandahar or Shooting the Animal, 2010